Providers of professional and sincere medical care since 1942
Yokakai Association
17-1, Hayasuzu, Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki, 885-0055 Japan Phone 81-986-25-1313 Fax 81-986-25-3950
Our Promise to Our Patients
We strive to
D respect our patient's right and we will always take the patient's perspective into consideration when offering our medical services.
D use the most advanced medical equipment available and provide safe and trustworthy medical treatment.
D offer our patients piece of mind through compassionate care.
D be confident and responsible professionals. However, we will always remember that better medical care is the result of constantly improving our own medical skills.
D continuously work hard to improve the quality of our medical care and safety management.
D continuously work to improve our emergency medical care and our acute medical care as the communityfs core medical facility so that we may provide citizens with the best care possible.
D work with other area medical facilities to create a sound health care management system in the ommunity.

CEO : Toshiro Fujimoto